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We renewed the website of Cafe & Bar Gaitomo,
a cafe & bar run by Gaitomo!

International Party Schedule

  • 夕日をバックに仲睦まじい男女が抱き合い見つめあう画像

    7/25(Sun) 17:00~19:50【 International marriage】Ginza PP Salon
  • 外に座り談笑している日本人女性と白人男性の画像

    7/31(Sat) 17:00~20:00【 Solo Participant Only】Ichigaya Cafe & Bar Gaitomo
  • Cafe & Bar Gaitomoの店内4

    8/7(Thu) 17:00~20:00【 Single Only】Ichigaya Cafe & Bar Gaitomo
  • 仲の良い3人の外国人女性の画像

    8/14(Sat) 17:00~20:00【 Ladies Night】Ichigaya Cafe & Bar Gaitomo
  • 楽しそうな4人の外国人の画像

    8/21(Sat) 17:00~20:00【 Making Friend】Ichigaya Cafe & Bar Gaitomo
  • 笑みを浮かべる外国人男性の画像

    8/28(Sat) 17:00~20:00【 Solo Participant Only】Ichigaya Cafe & Bar Gaitomo

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What is Gaitomo?

Gaitomo is a new form of international party between Japanese people who cannot speak English and foreign people who can speak Japanese.
Why don’t you have fun talking to foreign people at an international party that seems to be Gaitomo unlike any other?

Please feel free to come to communicate with foreign people, find new encounters, study foreign languages, enjoy parties, and enjoy a different night.

Please talk with various people and enjoy international exchange party.

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