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About participants

About 30 to 100 people will participate, depending on the party venue and concept.

The ratio of men and women varies are depending on the day, but it is held almost every time at 5:5. In addition, it becomes a capacity system so as not to be too crowded.

Reservations will be closed when the capacity is reached, so please make a reservation as soon as possible.
Participation on the day is also accepted, but if it is crowded, you may not be able to enter.

Gaitomo is a party where you can enjoy talking with various people regardless of nationality, so people gather for the purpose of talking.

Gathering of many foreigners live mainly in Japan, and japanese people and people who are interested in Japanese culture. In addition, gathering of Japanese who is interested in foreigners and in different culture.

People from all over the world in Japan will participate. Like Japan, USA, France, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Turkey, Germany, China, Korea, etc.

Actually, most people come to parties by themselves,so you can go to talk to various people and enjoy parties.

There is also the advantage that one person can talk to various people.

A wide range of age groups, from university students to those in their 40s, are participate in Gaitomo International party.
However, the audience changes depending on the venue and region every time, so we cannot answer clearly.

There is no age limit for regular parties above adulthood, so anyone of any age can participate.Under 20 can join nonalcaholic parties.

Age does not matter to international exchange. We look forward to your participation beyond the age ,cowntry,and language barrier.

We judge by nationality, so if you have a foreign passport, you can participate as a foreign price.

If you are a Japanese citizen, you will paticipate at a Japanese price.

A “driver’s license” or “foreign student ID” is not accepted as a foreigner.
Japanese men try to join as a foreigner, so we will check your identification strictly.

Since it is a place to drink alcohol, minors under 20 are not allowed to participate even with a guardian.
Children are not allowed to participate, but minors can also participate in nonalcoholic parties.

About the contents of the party

At the all-you-can-drink party, you can drink as soon as you finish the reception.

If you want to drink a lot, want to get excited after a party, or are strong in alcohol, if one or two cups are not enough, please come to all-you-can-drink.

You will buy drinks at the bar counter each time in cash-on style parties.

Gaitomo’s party always makes 500 yen menu, so you can drink at high-end lounges and bars with great price at party time.

The benefits of cash-on are time-free.

Even if you work overtime or the train is a little late, you can always enter during the holding time.
Actually, many people come to parties late, so you don’t need to give up coming because you are late.

Parties that you can remain after the events will be listed as “※ remaining possible ” on the website.
And you can enjoy the rest of time with new people from Gaitomo.
If it is “L/O”, the last order finishes by the time and you can’t stay after the party.

A paid cloakroom may be available at the venue, or a free luggage storage may be available depend on venus.

When it is for free all will be self-managed, so please do not leave valuables.
We are not responsible for any loss or damage. Please understand in advance.

Basically, clothes are free, so there is no problem in any outfit, but we recommend men to participate in jackets, women wear dresses, etc.

Depending on the season, “events” and “costume parties” are held, eventhough in that case, clothes are free, so you can participate in everyday wear and dress-up.

You are also welcome to wear interesting costumes and props.

Yes, it is fine.
Mostly participants are do not speak in English, so feel free to join us.

The staff is Japanese, so if you have any problems, you can always consult with us.

You can freely interact with new people.
During the party, there will be no games or announcements, so please talk positively and enjoy the conversation.

Drinks and food will be last ordered 30 minutes before the end of the party.
In addition, when the party finishes, we’re going to ask you to leave.

Yes, you can come any time, but please note that there is no discount on the participation free even you come late.
It doesn’t matter what time you come during party time.

Yes, it is possible.

Please contact the reception staff if you are going to leave.

Some venues have smoking spaces, while other venues are completely non-smoking.

Please check the other fields on each party page on website.
If you smoke at a smoking venue, please be sure to observe smoking manners.

About reservations and fees

Available upon advance payment. Please note that only cash payment is accepted on the day of the event.

Basically, reservations are accepted until the party’s start time, but if the capacity is reached, only Japanese people reservations may close early.

For parties that have closed the reservation, please be aware of admission will be restricted depending on the congested situation.

Yes, if you accumulate 5 points, you can choose any party and join for free.
Enjoy it for free.

A reservation completion email is sending automatically to email address that you entered in the form.
If you do not receive it, please contact [info@gaitomo.jp] from your email address.

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